A Brief Understanding Of The Highest Fixed Deposit Interest Rates


The minimum and duration for a fixed deposit vary from one bank to the next. In general, as a rule of general rule banks or financial institutions offer higher interest rates to depositors for longer periods and larger deposits. They typically run fixed deposit promotions with specific durations and deposits to draw in fresh money to show off their deposit portfolio. These promotional offers are typically very competitive and may or may not be renewed after expiration. Sometimes, promotional items are given if minimum deposits are met.

To provide a fair and accurate comparison of fixed-rate rates (including promotional and non-promotional rates) in Singapore we have included the table below for use as a reference. Fixed deposit interest rates are based on the most popular durations of 6 to 18 months, and fresh funds of up to $75,000 (Risk-free because they are guaranteed through SDIC). Rates are based on an assumption that fresh funds are a new deposit, and the depositor does not enjoy any privileges or preferential relations with the lender.

Which Bank has Highest Fixed Deposit Rate?

The most lucrative interest rate is offered provided by UOB, which provides an interest rate of 2.00 percent p.a. for 15 months for deposits of $20,000 and over. In contrast, most banks provide rates of 2.00 percent p.a. however, it is only applicable to funds more than $25,000 for 15 months of a tenor. The most expensive rate is 0.79 percent, which is about 70% more than the national average Fixed-Deposit Ratios in June of 2022, which is 1.21 percent p.a.

How Much Savings Should You Have

Does a question come often to mind as to how much savings you should have in Singapore?

The average Singaporean earns around $4,563 per month. After CPF, this amounts to approximately $3,650. If you can save 20 percent on the amount (a typical savings rate) then you would put in your savings a monthly sum of $730.

Let us say that you have saved this amount since beginning working at 25. You have a typical savings bank account with the interest at 0.125 percent (you don’t place the savings into a fixed account since you’d like to have the ability to access it in the event of an emergency). A tip to follow: Make use of various types of banks to optimise savings.

After 10 years, it would amount to approximately $88,709.50 (not taking into account inflation).

Knowledge Of Finance FD Rates

For April, Hong Leong finance FD rates were 1 percent for six months. It is an amazing deal, but it requires the payment of a substantial sum of $60,000. Before locking the amount in a fixed deposit, ensure that you have emergency funds in the first place.

Savings Accounts To Look For

Finding a bank with a high-interest rate that has easy approval requires some study. Do not lend your money to any bank without thinking if you wish to make significant savings, some research and knowledge are necessary. We have compiled the five most suitable and effective lists of the top savings accounts in Singapore for those who work in Singapore with higher interest rates when compared to other accounts. The five savings accounts listed are Standard Chartered Bonus Saver Account, POSB SAYE account, DBS Multiplier account, OCBC 360 account, and UOB One Account.

You could make the most of these savings accounts after gathering adequate information from the bank. The bank should provide you with comprehensive information about all savings accounts. Consider making a prudent decision about the savings account before you consider investing your hard-earned money in it. Do not be complacent with the choice of savings account, as it would reflect your future needs.



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